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According to a new survey from The Harris Poll commissioned by, a north Austin-based robotic process automation (RPA) and AI consultancy, 72 percent of U.S. employees would delegate work tasks like invoice management and reporting to AI so they can focus on ones that enable them to grow at work. The online poll of more than 2,000 adults also found that 71 percent would be willing to delegate work tasks to AI if it meant they would have more time for their family and personal life.

The results are especially strong for younger generations of workers – with 75 percent of employed individuals 18-34, 81 percent 35-44 and 76 percent 45-54 willing to delegate these tasks if it meant they had more time to focus on their family/personal life.

“This survey speaks to what we already knew – through the use of AI, businesses can not only save large sums in cost efficiences, but also make their staff more fulfilled,” Carlos Martin, Co-Founder & CEO of “Automating mundane tasks as well as larger outdated business processes allows employees to truly grow and prevents quiet quitting through providing greater work/life balance. It also offers the opportunity to take on elevated roles with greater salaries, including managing projects or a team.” demystifies the use of artificial intelligence, RPA and digitization to make businesses more efficient and allow them to scale effectively.’s co-founders Carlos Martin and Venky Cheluvaraj have more than 20 years’ experience in AI deployment and have trained and mentored the top consulting firms on best case use of RPA and AI technologies to digitally transform Fortune 500 companies. While at Blue Prism, they saved Telefonica $20 million a year through mentoring their Intelligent Automation Practice and TD Bank, Blue Cross, Rogers Communications and Teranet $12 million combined.

The survey also found that 66 percent of Americans would like their bank to use AI tools that monitor patterns of purchase and warn them quickly about potential fraud. believes in AI for good and has developed the Fraud Abuse Prevention Program – a free training online that is being rolled out within the local Austin community on spotting financial scams with an initial focus on elder abuse prevention. 61 percent of U.S. adults 18-44 also would like medical billing to be done by AI tools so human errors are avoided.

“’s financial analysis focuses on the top down instead of bottom up,” said Venky Cheluvaraj, Co-Founder & COO, “Some banks and healthcare companies are not leveraging this cutting edge-technology that would allow them to save their customers the financial turmoil that comes with being a victim of fraud or being billed incorrectly for medical procedures.”

RPA, AI and machine learning (ML) are being leveraged for cost savings by high growth start-ups as well as established companies. In just three months since’s launch, the company has established partnerships with leading tech and automation firms including Blue Prism, Microsoft, UiPath, Glynt for carbon footprint measurement and Outsystems for low code automation. The company also has an alliance with consulting company BRQ, who is expanding in the US, and is white labeling a product from Office Automata to offer future customers. is headquartered at Hamlet Co-Working, a co-working facility in the North Austin suburb of Cedar Park – the latest growing center for tech that is ideally suited to serve both local and national customers. In addition to being lower cost, the co-working space offers ample flexibility to the business by allowing staff to gather for collaboration and team building and work from home as desired. is also committed to supporting travel for reproductive healthcare for Texas-based female employees.

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