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Discover the True Power of RPA and AI was formally kicked off with the purpose of pushing the envelope in the RPA and AI practices in the industry.  The two co-founders come directly from the field of RPA and AI. Individually, the founders and team have 5 years of real-world, hands-on RPA and AI experience and 20 years experience in IT.

The founders and team have a keen eye for process improvement, process optimization and lean six sigma techniques. They are avid promoters and evangelists of automation and ambassadors of providing simple solutions to challenging problems using wide variety of technologies like RPA, OCR, ML, NLP.’s team are recognized experts not only in the technologies but most importantly, in the RPA methodology known as ROM (Robotic Operating Model). They worked with customers across the Americas and have helped review and manage Centers of Excellence by identifying gaps in best practices and providing a path to closure.

One of the team’s core strengths is an understanding, deeper than the industry average, of the work needed and the realities of establishing a Center of Excellence. They have mentored many a COE and helped them lay a strong foundation for their practice and achieve significant results.

Overall, the combination and breadth of the team’s expertise brings a level of knowledge and vision unparalleled in the industry; most other consulting companies follow a cookie-cutter approach without really understanding the intricacies of creating a full-on RPA & AI program and always keeping in mind the big picture from the customer’s perspective.

This is the immense difference brings: the ability to see the RPA & AI program from above and understand the large-scale benefits this brings to the customer.