At, we understand that governance and methodology are crucial components for the success of any intelligent automation initiative. With our expertise in delivering intelligent automation solutions, we recognize the importance of proper governance and a well-defined methodology to ensure that your automation program is set up for success.


Why governance matters for intelligent automation

Governance is the foundation of any successful intelligent automation initiative. It provides the framework for managing, guiding, and controlling the automation program to ensure that it aligns with the overall business strategy, adheres to regulatory requirements, and delivers the intended results. Here's why governance is critical for your intelligent automation program:


With the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, it is imperative to have proper governance in place to ensure that your automation initiatives comply with industry regulations, data privacy laws, and other relevant standards. Governance helps in mitigating risks, maintaining transparency, and avoiding potential legal and financial repercussions.

Enhances control and oversight

Governance provides a structured approach to manage and monitor the automation program, enabling better control and oversight. It helps in setting up clear roles and responsibilities, establishing accountability, and defining processes for decision-making, change management, and issue resolution. This ensures that your automation program progresses smoothly, stays on track, and delivers the expected outcomes.

Supports strategic alignment

Governance ensures that your intelligent automation program is aligned with your overall business strategy, goals, and objectives. It helps in identifying the right automation opportunities, prioritizing initiatives, and allocating resources effectively. This ensures that your automation program is in line with your business priorities and delivers the desired outcomes that contribute to your overall organizational goals.


The importance of methodology: ROM methodology

At, we created a unique flavor of the ROM (Robotic Operating Model) by combining it with Agile; we call it “the Agile ROM”. This is a key piece of our intelligent automation program. The Agile ROM is a comprehensive methodology that guides the implementation of automation initiatives in a structured and efficient manner. Here's why it is crucial for the success of your automation program:


Accelerates implementation

The Agile ROM methodology follows a rapid implementation approach, allowing for quick and efficient deployment of automation solutions. It helps in identifying the most impactful automation opportunities, designing effective automation workflows, and implementing automation solutions in a timely manner. This ensures that you can start realizing the benefits of automation sooner and accelerate your digital transformation journey.


Ensures best practices

The Agile ROM incorporates industry best practices for intelligent automation, ensuring that your automation program follows established standards and guidelines. It provides a structured approach for designing, testing, and deploying automation solutions, while adhering to quality assurance measures. This ensures that your automation initiatives are implemented using best practices and are of the highest quality.


Facilitates scalability and flexibility

The Agile ROM is designed to be scalable and flexible, allowing for adjustments and modifications as per the evolving needs of your business. It provides a framework for continuous improvement and optimization of automation workflows, ensuring that your automation program remains agile and adaptable to changing business requirements.


Partner with for successful intelligent automation

At, we believe that proper governance and a robust methodology, such as the Agile ROM methodology, are critical for the success of your intelligent automation program. Our team of experts follows best practices, industry standards, and a structured approach to deliver intelligent automation solutions that align with your business strategy, comply with regulations, and drive tangible results. Contact us today to learn more about our governance approach and how our methodology can ensure the success of your intelligent automation initiatives. Let us be your trusted partner in driving automation excellence for your business.


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